What am I listening to: Podcast Round Up Fall 2021

2021 entertainment listening podcasts

I often like to listen to podcasts while I commute home from work or when I am sewing. So this is the latest that I am listening to.

    The Turning: The Sisters Who Left from Rococo Punch. Interviews with sisters that left the Missionaries of Charity the order started by Mother Teresa. This podcast has been completely fascinating and I highly recommend it.  Life After MLM by Roberta Blevins: She left LulaRoe and now speaks out against multi level marketing schemes including the toxic positivity and the cult like beliefs. Her podcast can be found on spotify and apple podcasts. Links here

    Unobscured: Narrated by Aaron Mahnke each season looks into a part of history. The first season is by far my favorite, it's on The Salem Witch Trials. Check out that first season here

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