Is it Spring yet?

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I don't know about you but I am looking forward to some longer daylight hours. I know it's only mid February but there are only 13 days until Spring. That's officially, of course.

So as you might recall I started off the new year with some bold plans and then fate laughed in my face. I spent the better part of January healing from a sprained shoulder. On one of the first days back to my college classes I managed to trip on my brand new dansko shoes. Anti-slip does not mean anti-trip. Like an idiot I tried to break my fall by holding my arm out in front of me. My arm just slid along the concrete floor. I tried to stay in class but after an hour I had to leave for urgent care. After some X-rays, a sling, and then a later follow-up visit with my primary care doctor it was decided that i most likely sprained my shoulder. As luck would have it it would be the shoulder of my dominate arm. This meant that from roughly January 3rd until just last week I had been unable to do any sewing. I really couldn't use my arm effectively enough to sew or cut out things.

So my current goals is to get back to the bold January goal of finishing up old projects, making new things, and getting stuff listed. I'm still not 100% better but my arm is healed enough that I can do things in small bursts of time.

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