I don't know about you but this staying home has caused me to lose track of the days. I think it's due to my routine being completely off. I graduated my college program with little fanfare because our face to face classes ended a week early. Suddenly, I had all this free time and no idea what to do for the first week other than sleep. Then my state's governor issued a stay at home order that has now been extended to May. I can't spend all of April just baking and sleeping.

Luckily, as a fabric hoarder I am mostly prepared for this. I'm going to sew on bags and whatever else until I run out of the other supplies. Plus I have to study for a national exam that is required for my state license (related to my new degree). I should probably not bake as much and get exercise. I can't use the excuse that i don't have time right now.

I will continue to ship orders out. As I am just one person my only business impact is that I am not going to any store to get any notion or supply. it either has to be shipped to me or I will wait for the stores to reopen.

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