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Wow, 2020 is here and yet not a single flying car to be had. Oh well. I am hoping that this year will be awesome and filled with some great new things. It’s not so much that 2019 was “bad” Overall, 2019 was fairly okay but it had some serious moments of stress and frustration.
For much of 2018 and 2019 I had been balancing both full time school and a part-time job. I even got a promotion in 2019 but it was short lived. There is a super long drama-filled story and I am still a wee bit bitter about one or two things. Needless, to say I am now just a full-time student. The god thing is this is my final quarter of college and much of it is actually outside the classroom and in a real world work setting.
Now that I only have school to deal with this means I can spend more time on my sewing which in turn means more time for my tiny business here. I love sewing and staying busy but there are only so many gifts I can give before people start running away from me. Lol
I’ve got all sort of new things coming down the line. Some are completely new products, some are items I started last year but never finished.
That bring up my big goal for this year my UFOs. Okay so if you aren’t a crafty type person you might be thinking what does space ships have to do with anything. In the crafting/sewing world a UFO is an Unfinished Object. Like all creative people I start things and then set is aside for later because you know I have unlimited time. This year I want to tackle my UFOs both business ones and personal ones. Each month I have to shop case one item on this blog that I completed and like I said it might be something you can buy or it might just be something I was working on for myself. Look for my first post in the coming weeks.
Unlike other years I don’t want to talk too much about my lofty goals because while I am good at dreaming I often times don’t get those things into reality.
May you and yours have a wonderful start of the New Year and may 2020 bring some light into your life.

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  • AUntie E on

    Love your blog…… I think I’ll let you inspire me to work on my UFOs!

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