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Thankfully, so far myself and my family have been doing our part and staying indoors. This entire Spring just took a turn for the unplanned and weird. I graduated college though which s good. The not so great part is due to Covid-19 my national exam and all my licensing has been delayed. I am proud to say i passed my national exam for medical assisting in June. I've been trying to patiently wait on my paperwork. if you follow me on instagram you might have seen some graduation pictures from the drive-thru graduation my college did. That was both fun and sort of weird. We couldn't have a ceremony due to the current health department regulations. My college did a survey of graduates and no one was really into an online ceremony. So they ended up putting together some boxes with graduation stuff in it plus a college theme face mask! We got to drive-thru campus, collect our box, and wave to our instructors.

When this whole thing started I thought hey this will be great I can get all these things done and then reality set it. I did get a lot of baking done and it's a good thing face masks are to go to the chin because I feel like I got a double chin from lock-down baking. I ended up slacking a lot on my business and making things. Here it is July and I am doing my best to get things rolling again instead of playing The Sims 4 more than I should and baking all the carbs. I finally getting around to listing items I took pictures of in May. Can't believe June flew by. I'm not going to announce any big coming up news because every time I do that i end up posting something like "hey folks it's 6 months later and well.....I didn't do it" so there not making promises this time. I did sew a bunch of face masks to donate and I've listed some for sale in my etsy shop.

Lately, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of youtube videos on a variety of things. I've been watching Brad Mondo quite a bit and also resisted the slight urge to cut bangs. Thankfully my stylist was able to reopen a few weeks ago so I got my hair cut and colored. I've also been watching soap making videos and I want to get back into making soap for myself. I used to make soap to sell but I'm not doing that again. I really like the videos from Royalty Soaps. Katie at Royalty Soaps has a doppelganger in the northwest because the first video I watched i had to keep reminding myself that she was not this one former co-worker of mine. Then my latest thing seems to be watching upboxing videos of thredup, B and G trading, and giant pallets of stuff. Lots of resellers for ebay and poshmark on that. I don't know how they store it all. I can't forget those Goodwill outlet aka the bin haul videos. Now I am slightly convinced that I need to go to the bins and also slightly terrified of going to said bins. I asked my friend if any of them had shopped the bins and a few said they had and never again.

I am going to wrap things up here because i seem intent on just babbling tonight. Until next time my friends. Keep safe; wear a mask when out, maintain 6 feet of distance, wash you hands, avoid touching your face, and if you can stay at home as much as possible. If you want to drop a comment on here feel free let me know what you've been baking or watching or doing to stay busy while in lock-down.

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